Sunday, February 20, 2011

Notate Bene

Just a brief observation that while almost two weeks ago in respect of the uprisings in the Middle East TMH adduced Jeane Kirkpatrick's distinction between totalitarian and authoritarian regimes, we note that just a couple of minutes ago on the panel segment of today's edition of Fox News Sunday, Juan Williams did the same. The essay in which Kirkpatrick makes that distinction is a touchstone--it is essential reading, not only for understanding foreign affairs but also for gaining insight into the different ways managers even in our own society behave. In short, it is an essay that offers a great deal of practical wisdom beyond the confines of its own explicit concerns.

And speaking of Juan Williams, let no more of my very conservative friends dismiss him as merely a left-wing schill. Although he is indeed very liberal, his assertion this morning that Wisconsin's Gov. Brown is making a very reasonable move vis-a-vis the unions in his state is a startling assertion for one of his political principles. If all public argument were conducted by people of his good faith (note: not necessarily of his political positions), then we would all be better off.

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